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The longest journey begins with a single step.  Click here to earn the steps Evon took while in the process of identifying

" The True Light. "

Break the chains that hold you captive and receive the promised freedom that will make you whole.

Women committed to developing the God-given design for their lives meet in a networking environment to learn life and spiritual skills to advance them in all aspects of life.


Born on the 5th day of the 5th month in a year containing the same; as it is in the arithmetic of God Evon was born under a veil of grace. She has a heart for ministry that reaches to those who are broken, and downtrodden as well as the misguided and hard-core that are seeking refuge and truth. Her ministry is one of deliverance, healing, and encouragement.


Evon together with her husband Charles, pastor Christian Faith Fellowship Church East in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where they have answered the call of God on their lives to produce laborers capable of reaping the vast harvest of souls in preparation for the kingdom. Fulfilling the God-given vision she received in January of 2001, Pastor Evon formed a women's ministry. Vessels of Honor is a ministry dedicated to assisting Women anointed and called for the purpose of God into the fullness of their calling building character through the Word of God. Since its inception, the power of God has been evident destroying yokes and lifting burdens from women hungry for the present-day move of God.


Evon hails from Chicago, Illinois where she majored in Business Management with a minor in Accounting. Having a multitude of talents, Pastor Evon has a background, which includes over 25 years of extensive experience in business management, training, and teaching. Owner and Founder of Jordan Creations  Graphics Designs; she has also operated as a Financial Analyst and in a variety of managerial positions. Motivational speaking is her strong suit allowing her to conduct many seminars and operational workshops in Illinois, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.


Currently, in full-time ministry at Christian Faith Fellowship Church East, her motto is, "Be ye also ready".


Sometimes as adults we need to re-learn many of the things that we have been taught. This way we can receive wisdom from God in the way He intended.  This is not always an easy task.  Doing it God's way has far exceeded my greatest imagination. When I realized He is the True Light I found  His rewards to be limitless.   Share a portion of the lessons I've learned by reading an excerpt of my story.  Follow the link below.

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